Risk Consultancy

Risk Consultancy

We ensure that adequate thought leadership input is provided to its clients, leading to concrete steps in enhancing firm’s value.

Our sophisticated Risk Management tools and methodologies, which have led to significant enhancement in performance of companies where we are associated. Chandan Agarwal & Co helps companies improve its enterprise wide processes, lower its operational costs, reduce enterprise risk thereby providing companies a sustainable competitive advantage.

Some key areas covered within Risk Advisory Services include:

  • Internal Audit – Reviewing and testing of the controls and processes in an entity
  • Enterprise Risk Management Study – Detailed study of the global risks a company is exposed to and the risk mitigation tools and policies
  • Corporate Governance Review – Review of the existing corporate governance structure, role of the Board and its committees and the systems and process in place to ensure regulatory discipline within an entity
  • Systems,Control and Process Review – Review of the controls and risk in a specific processes
  • Information Technology Audit – Audit of the information systems of an entity including its IT governance, security risks, back-up procedures etc.
  • Management Audit – Audit from the point of view of the management with focus on a broad spectrum of areas including governance, risk, cost reduction etc.
  • Specific Risk Audit – Study on specific risks a company is exposed to and policies and procedures adopted to mitigate the risks such as foreign exchange or technology obsolescence
  • Regulatory Compliance Review – A comprehensive study of compliance Audit with all the relevant regulatory requirements such as Labour Laws, Tax laws, Corporate Laws, Environment laws etc.
  • Fraud and Forensics – Specific investigative audits conducted with present notion of malpractice in a particular area. The firm his specific tools to identify and analyze existence of fraud

Chandan Agarwal & Co is working in the above risk advisory areas across almost all sectors and has a knowledge database which is used to further enhance value to its clients.
For any queries relating to Risk Advisory Services please send your enquiry to info@chandanagarwal.net